by CJ Lopez


Days passed and she is still
A woman in darkness nowhere to be found
The burning soul screams
For lust and admiration.

She is lost, 
In this world of choices
She chose to be lost
I can't tell.

Never been different from all
A universe in an obsolete galaxy
Waiting for the mysteries to be unfold
But she's still there waiting to be called.


by CJ Lopez

It is anguish inside the moment I saw it
A bad taste in one's mouth thinking about what caused this
Too much for an overflowing river in an unwanted rainy season
A late bloomer of consciousness, where is it when I need it?
It's too late now
I've decided my fate
I lost it
The battle of hearts
Unequipped, unprepared
Who has to blame?


by CJ Lopez

Let's all take time to appreciate the moon.
Today's Monday and the universe is sparkling above us.
Only few are lucky to have been blessed with the scene.
A magnificent look of what life is.
This life is our galaxy.
Some shines like a star,
A planet of possibilities maybe.
Some are just like the moon,
Who can't illuminate by himself.
Who can't bring light as always to many.
But what makes it special,
Is its wonders and mysteries.