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Unasked Late Night Thoughts

by CJ Lopez


Midnight's passed and he's still awake
The tempting hours is testing
Hey! What keeps the soul burning?
Is it the mysteries of the late night ?
Maybe just a late late show in his little way
But do you mind what's with others mind?
Unfocused and enjoying the devils night
Is she right? 
She's paranoid, jealous 
And deep inside is asking
A lot of questions haunting
Would she trust someone who stays awake at night? 


Image:  Carlos Martz / Flickr



by CJ Lopez


Days passed and she is still
A woman in darkness nowhere to be found
The burning soul screams
For lust and admiration.

She is lost, 
In this world of choices
She chose to be lost
I can't tell.

Never been different from all
A universe in an obsolete galaxy
Waiting for the mysteries to be unfold
But she's still there waiting to be called.